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July 3, 2015 by Cara Terreri Leave a Comment
Depending on where you live, summer can bring on some extremely hot and humid temperatures that will test even the most seasoned outdoorsy people. Being pregnant during the summer heat, especially for those in the third trimester, can be especially challenging. We have some simple tips to help you g... Read More

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July 1, 2015 by Lamaze International Leave a Comment
The following information -- and much more -- can also be found in the free weekly email "Lamaze Pregnancy Week by Week." Sign up now to receive helpful information for your stage of pregnancy. Subscribers will be given the opportunity to complete a Lamaze Parent Satisfaction Survey and receive a La... Read More
June 29, 2015 by Cara Terreri Leave a Comment
Most first-time moms I encounter have one thing in common: they have fears about childbirth. Of course, it's normal to fear the unknown. You may have experienced the same kinds of feelings the first time you rode a bike, drove a car, went off to college, tried sushi, started a new job, or swam in th... Read More
June 26, 2015 by Cara Terreri Leave a Comment
Pregnancy the second time around looks a little different than the first time. You are more aware of what to expect (although every pregnancy can vary in its symptoms), you aren't as likely to know the exact week and day of your pregnancy, and -- this is a big one -- you already have a child to care... Read More

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