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November 30, 2015 by Cara Terreri Leave a Comment
If I had a dollar for every pregnant person who has said, "You know, I have this feeling I'm going to go into labor before my due date" and then went on to have a baby after the due date, I would be rich! Or at least I'd have a nice little rainy day fund. As a doula, I encourage clients to listen to... Read More

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November 23, 2015 by Cara Terreri Leave a Comment
If you type "Thanksgiving and pregnancy" into Google, you'll find scores of articles about food, drinks, and activities to avoid this Thanksgiving. While some of that information is helpful for your health and safety, it can feel deflating. It's no fun to hear (time and again) all the things you can... Read More
November 20, 2015 by Cara Terreri Leave a Comment
This 3-part series has reviewed the in-depth details of vaginal birth, including what it feels like physically and the emotions that go along. In today's post, we describe helpful tips for partners and labor support persons. Each stage and phase of labor brings different sensations and therefore, ch... Read More
November 18, 2015 by Cara Terreri Leave a Comment
November is Prematurity Awareness Month, as designated by the March of Dimes, and November 17 was World Prematurity Day. Families and organizations around the world are celebrating life and life saving measures for babies born too early. More than 15 million babies around the world are born prematur... Read More

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