5 Pregnancy & Birth Links Worth Reading This Week

computer.pngI love combing the net for new resources and posts to share, spending time carefully choosing just the right content for expectant families (because there is a plethora of bad content, let me tell you!). Enjoy this week's carefully curated 5 links worth reading. 


How to Survive Nighttime Nursing Sessions (Pregnancy Magazine)

Life after birth involves a whole lot of time spent feeding baby. And nighttime feedings can seem to last forever as the minutes of lost sleep tick by. Check out this piece (with tips from our president!) to discover some advice from a mom who's been in those trenches. 


7 TEDTalks to Guide You From Pregnancy to Parenthood (The Washington Post)

It's hard not to love a good TEDTalk, and with this selection that cover pregnancy and parenting topics, you're in for a real treat. Not only will you learn a thing or two about parenting, you'll likely reveal some things about yourself too. 


How I added my voice to the war cry of millions of women who have given birth before me (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Take a few minutes to read through this beautifully captured birth story account. It's real, it's eloquently written, and inspiring.


Pregnancy Test Facts Everyone Should Know (Cosmopolitan UK)

Do you know what you think you know when it comes to pregnancy tests? Click here to find out more! 


21 Too-Real Comics That Capture The Highs And Lows Of Breastfeeding (Huffington Post)

Sometimes, you can't help but laugh over the realities of breastfeeding. Looks like we're not alone! Have a good chuckle over these fun comics. 





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