Beat the Heat & Have Fun in the Sun: How to Enjoy the Summer While You're Pregnant

Depending on where you live, summer can bring on some extremely hot and humid temperatures that will test even the most seasoned outdoorsy people. Being pregnant during the summer heat, especially for those in the third trimester, can be especially challenging. We have some simple tips to help you get through the summer safely and enjoyably. 

Drink! Water, of course. Higher temperatures and spending time outside, even for just a short while, means that you will be losing moisture in your body at a faster rate. If you have a hard time remembering to drink enough water, purchase a large refillable water bottle and make it your daily goal to drink 2-3 containers a day. Remember too that certain foods naturally contain water and can help with hydration, like fruits and vegetables. 1415321168_6aa94ded05_n.jpg

Seek shade. When spending long periods of time outdoors, try to find the shade. The temperature difference between full sun and shade can be more than 30 degrees!

Cool your neck. Cooling neck wraps are popular items sold in stores during the summer, and for good reason -- most people who wear them report feeling much cooler. They are usually less than $10 and can be found in pharmacies, big box retailers, and online. Or, if you're crafty, make your own!

Listen to your body. This goes without saying throughout your pregnancy, no matter what the outside temperatures. If you begin to feel overheated, dizzy, lightheaded or nauseous, leave the heat and find a cooler spot as soon as possible. 

Say no. If you're invited to an outdoor celebration, but the mere thought of spending more than five minutes in the summer sun has you feeling faint, it's ok to decline the invitation. Tell family or friends you would love to spend time with them and suggest meeting up at another time when you can go somewhere indoors and cool. 


photo credit: 6mo Pregnant via photopin (license)


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