First Trimester Checklist

first tri checklist.pngWho doesn't love a good checklist?! Ok, so some people don't, but this post isn't just for us type-A, list-checker-offer, to-do-list-lover types. These first trimester of pregnancy to-dos are meant to serve as practical, sensible tips and reminders to help guide you with good health and ease through the first 12 weeks.  

First Trimester To-Do List

Learn more about your health insurance coverage for pregnancy and birth

⬜ Research potential care providers (OB, midwife, family doctor): get referrals, testimonials, and set up interviews

⬜ Choose a care provider and make your first prenatal appointment

⬜ Find out whether your current medications are still safe to take, or if there is a safe alternative

⬜ Stop any unsafe-for-pregnancy habits like smoking, drinking, or drugs; seek professional support if needed to quit

⬜ Begin a pregnancy journal and/or take weekly belly pics

⬜ Review your eating habits and diet -- try adding in more protein and fruits and veggies

⬜ Begin taking a prenatal vitamin or supplements

⬜ Continue or begin an exercise routine, with oversight from your care provider (most exercise is usually safe in pregnancy 

⬜ Heed your need to sleep, nap, and rest when possible

⬜ Go easy on yourself - hormones are hard at work, which means you may be tired, cranky, emotional, and/or not interested in sex (or very interested!)

⬜ Jot down questions to ask your care provider

⬜ Take an early pregnancy class to learn about prenatal testing options and early pregnancy complications

⬜ Download the Lamaze app Pregnancy to Parenting to follow your pregnancy changes and baby's development 

⬜ Involve your partner in your pregnancy by sharing feelings, attending appointments and classes together, and making time to connect 

⬜ Stay hydrated - drink water throughout the day

⬜ Start planning ahead for your financial needs during pregnancy and early parenthood by creating or reviewing and revising your budget

⬜ Reach out to your favorite support person(s) for comfort, fun, love, joy -- whatever you need during this time

Want to see all checklists for all three trimesters? Check out our second and third trimester checklists

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