Free Until Thursday: 27 Birth Prep Interviews the Experts

better birth 360.pngFrom now until this Thursday, you can have free access to 27 different interviews from leading experts and professionals talking about the most important topics in childbirth preparation, safety, satisfaction, healing, and more. Better Birth 360 World Summit is the free online interview series from Nicholas Olow, MS, LAC, a board certified and licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbalist who specializes in perinatal acupuncture care, nutritional counseling, and pain management, and is actively involved in the birthing community.  
Better Birth 360 prides itself on interviewing experts who rely on research and practice to deliver evidence based information. The interviews average between 30 minutes to an hour in length and cover a wide range of helpful and informative birth preparation topics. Since we have just four days until the interviews go offline, I've combed through all 27 interview summaries and provided links to the ones you, as expectant or new parents, may find most helpful:
liz better birth.pngIn addition to these wonderful interviews, our own Lamaze President, Liz Demaere, RN, BN, LCCE, provided an interview that's all about the six ways to have the most healthy and safe birth! You'll also learn in her interview:
  • Risks involved for low risk healthy pregnant mothers who are offered or schedule elective inductions before 41 weeks for non-medically necessary reasons
  • How to respond to a provider or medical staff if they are over-meeting your needs at your birth and are offering non-medically necessary interventions
If you are pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant, or a new parent, I encourage you to register for Better Birth 360 and spend some time listening to topics that interest you most -- it's time well spent! 

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