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Being in a relationship can be wonderful! beautiful! amazing! fulfilling! And of course, complicated, confusing, and relationships.jpgfrustrating. And this is all before starting a family! Add pregnancy, trying to conceive, and parenting to the mix and WHOA! It's a whole 'nother ball of wax, as they say. As with anything that's unfamiliar or new, it's important to have resources -- a map, per se -- to support and guide you through the process. As with most topics, there are plenty of resources on the web when it comes to relationship advice, but not all are created equally. Below are some of our favorite tried-true-and-trusted resources for advice and tips on relationships and intimacy during pregnancy and beyond. 

Sexuality After Childbirth - A Video with Penny Simkin & Dr. Amy Gilliland - A look at how birth can affect sex for couples, and information on resuming sex after childbirth.

Sex During Pregnancy - What You Need to Know ( - A comprehensive but quick guide, complete with video input from an OB.

Sexuality and Pregnancy (Our Bodies Ourselves) - A realistic look at the varied responses to sex during pregnancy. 

The Gottman Relationship Blog (The Gottman Institute) - Fantastic, research-based blog with resources on relationships, specifically post-baby relationships. 

Female Sexual Function During Pregnancy and Postpartum (International Society for Sexual Medicine) - Advice and information from the experts. 

How Postpartum Depression Affects Your Marriage or Partnership (Postpartum Progress) - A must-read for couples experiencing a postpartum disorder. 

How to Have Great Postpartum Sex ( - A flashy title, but the advice is simple and to the point. 

10 Reasons Why She Doesn't Want to Have Sex After Having a Baby (BellyBelly) - A helpful, comprehensive read for couples, especially for partners. 

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Future of dating?

February 19, 2019 10:48 AM by gunnar


I agree. relationships are diffucult. What do you think about the future of dating and sex involving sex dolls? Will you write about it?



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