Surviving Christmas Dinner: Pregnancy Edition

christmas-3844802_640.jpgIn a few days, millions of people around the world will celebrate Christmas, and along with that, gather together with friends and family, and eat a big meal. If you are pregnant over Christmas, the festivities may feel different, look different, or take on a different meaning this year. To help you out -- or really, to help you with a good laugh -- we've prepared a wish list that has nothing to do with gifts and everything to do with surviving, and maybe even enjoying, the family get-together and meal. Because let's be honest, there are plenty of opportunities for it to go south really quickly. But with this handy-dandy fool-proof list, you'll be sure to enjoy the Christmas celebrations to the fullest. 

1. Maternity jumpsuit. Some people talk about elastic waistbands for Christmas dinner -- why not get rid of the waistband altogether?! Jumpsuit, mumu, caftan, bed sheet -- whatever comfortably accommodates your easy-to-expand belly. 

2. Ear muffs. Or noise canceling headphones. To put on when you've had enough of the advice on the right way to feed/diaper/clothe/raise your new child.

3. "Broken chair" sign. As soon as you arrive, scout out the most luxurious, comfortable chair in the house and discreetly hang this sign. Take it off when you're in need of a the perfect place to sit. 

4. Crackers, ginger ale, and french fries. To curb the pregnancy nausea. Or, to fake the pregnancy nausea if the turkey is overcooked and the jello salad is unbearable. 

5. A very special shirt. Be blunt without saying a word! If you want to make sure no one touches your belly, get a shirt with the perfect message. Depending on your style, you can be direct and edgy with this one or soften it up a bit with this one

6. To-go containers. Fairly obvious here -- for taking home leftovers of course! Being pregnant isn't easy and food is vital! 

7. Pedicure. Because pregnancy gives you the pass to go barefoot, even at Christmas dinner.  

8. Fake emergency phone call. This is your get-out-of-jail-free card, your "I need a nap right now" free pass. Believe it or not, there are apps you can download to schedule an emergency text or phone call at just the right time. It's truly a win-win -- you get a break and no one gets offended! Ok, well, someone will still get offended by something. I mean, that's what family is all about!


All joking aside, we wish all of those who will be celebrating Christmas next week safe, fun, and happy celebrations. May your family get togethers be merry and stress-free! 


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