Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Expectant and New Parents

45169886282_ee447de5c2_m.jpgIf you're on an endless search for the perfect gift for the pregnant or new parents on your holiday gift list, we're here to help. You can't box "more sleep," but you can give a gift that truly helps and heals. 

Holiday Gifts for Expecting and New Parents


Massage gift certificate - Pregnant or not, almost any parent will appreciate a massage. A massage isn't just a "luxury" gift, in fact in many cultures, daily massage is a routine part of postpartum care to aid in healing and well being. Massage improves circulation, boosts your mood, and can alleviate pain and discomfort. 

Gift card for all/any needs - Sometimes new parents just need stuff, like groceries or diapers or a reliable coffee maker... in that case, a gift card that they can use to purchase anything and everything (ie, Amazon, VISA card, or a big box retail store card) is always appreciated.

Dinner in - Give the gift of food that you don't have to prepare by gifting parents with a favorite take out restaurant gift card, or offer to have dinner delivered to their door on a night of their choice. Be sure you know what kinds of food they like before ordering, say, Italian food for two when they're eating gluten free. Better yet, allow them to pick the place and their favorite dishes, then you place the order and add a few more similar menu items to add to their meal to eat as leftovers the next day! 

Dinner out - It's nice for parents to get out and enjoy each other's company while nourishing themselves on good food and a cozy atmosphere. A restaurant gift card helps make this wish a reality!

Your presence - Maybe you don't call this a "gift" per se, but your actual physical presence for a new or pregnant parent can feel just like one. Plan a time together where you either meet out or stop in (especially if there's a new baby in tow) and spend some quality time together talking, laughing, and listening. 

Subscription - There are so many great subscriptions you to give as a gift! Of course, there's the old standby: magazines. There's also the new go-to: a subscription to Audible. A subscription to a meal or boxed snack service is priceless for new parents and parents-to-be. And there's always the ever-practical diaper subscription! Just be sure to find out their desired brand, if they have one. 

Doula or postpartum doula services - This is like the Cadillac, er iPhone X, of holiday gifts. If it's too much financially for you to consider, go in on it together with other close friends and family. The recipient will be forever grateful. 

Meals - If cooking is your thing, make a few meals that freeze well (soups are ah-mazing for this) and bring them over, wrapped in a bow of course. This gift is better than anything you can find in a store. 

Pet/child/house sitting - Offer the gift of your time! This is a budget friendly and much appreciated approach to gift-giving for new and expecting parents. 

Your favorite things - What kinds of items did you love the most as a new parent? Put together a gift basket of your favorite things, along with a detailed note, and give it to the new parents on your list. Parents love suggestions for helpful, practical products from friends who have been there, done that. 


What would you add to this list? What would you have loved as a gift during this time?


photo credit: wuestenigel Gift box with blue ribbon and bow, toys and decor on new year background via photopin (license)

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