Valentine's Day Date Ideas for the Tired, the Achy, and the Very Pregnant

heart-3280747_640.jpgLove it or hate it, this Thursday is Valentine's Day (the 14th, in case you forgot). Not everyone buys into the Valentine's Day hoopla, but if you're still reading, then this post is for you -- the person who falls somewhere between "Sure, I like to celebrate Valentine's Day" and "Valentine's Day is my life; February 14 foreva!" If you're pregnant on this Valentine's Day, you just might need to think outside of the heart-shaped-chocolate box for some non-traditional, pregnancy-friendly date ideas (but maybe keep the chocolates, because, you know, chocolate). We're here to help!

Whether you're coupled, single, or meeting up with friends, the following V-day-date ideas will give you inspiration to celebrate in ways that your pregnant body craves. 

Pregnancy Friendly Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas


Perhaps a little too obvious, but I couldn't not include it. Be sure to book a masseuse trained in prenatal massage. Fly solo or book a couples' massage! 

Lunch date

Know what's great about a lunch date when you're pregnant? You can go to bed as early as you want on Valentine's Day evening! 

Movie night

Movies at home or in the theatre are a perfect way to snuggle up and enjoy time with a loved one or by yourself. Bonus points if you can stay awake through the whole flick, but also kudos if you give in to your body's needs and snooze. 


Whether you enjoy a class together or alone, yoga is a welcome gift to your body anytime, and especially pregnancy. Be sure to seek a class that supports poses geared toward pregnant bodies. 


Epsom salt soak anyone? Gift yourself a warm soak (or enjoy one as a couple if there's room!) -- you won't regret it!

Twenty questions

Looking for a chill, screen-free night together? Light a fire and play a game of 20 questions. You might be surprised to find that there are things you don't know about each other! For inspiration, check out this list of 100 questions

Dessert out

Go out -- just for dessert! 

Order in

Avoid the lines and overcrowded restaurants - get comfy in your favorite pjs and order dinner in!


Pregnancy + feet = no further explanation needed. 


Work on a challenge or play a game together -- old fashioned entertainment can be so rewarding. 

Night away

Maybe you need a break from life, or older children -- take a night away and stay at a local hotel to enjoy doing absolutely anything you want with no distractions or demands!

Indoor swim

If you haven't experienced the beauty -- and weightlessness -- of swimming (or floating) while pregnant, N.O.W. is the time. If you're still buried under snow, find your local indoor pool to enjoy this V-day treat. 

Nature date

When you're feeling down, tired, grumpy, achy, and oh-so pregnant, getting outdoors to spend a little time in nature can work a small miracle on your soul. Take an easy walk, pack a picnic, take in some views, go nature scavenging, hunt down the perfect picture, or just spend some time breathing in deeply the air around you.


What will you do with your beloved (other or self) this Valentine's Day?? 


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