Your Pregnancy Week by Week: 27 Weeks

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You're in week 27 of your pregnancy!

With pregnancy comes an avalanche of change for your body. By now, you’ve adjusted to many changes, both emotionally and physically. You and your baby have set up a nice, calm rhythm, as you grow together and get ready for labor and birth. But some changes that come with pregnancy can be uncomfortable or downright unpleasant. It can help to know that these are normal responses from your body as it adapts to growing a baby, but even though they’re normal, sometimes you just want some relief! Fortunately, simple coping strategies that support your changing body will ease these discomforts without interfering in the natural processes taking place. Read on for tips on how to ease through the remainder of your pregnancy.

What's New with Baby

Week 27 - Lamaze International.jpgOver the past five weeks, your little one has doubled his weight from one pound to two pounds (900 grams), and is now about 14 and a half inches long (a little less than the length of an eggplant). He will continue this rapid weight gain throughout the third trimester. You are now more aware of your baby’s movements. You can become acquainted with how much movement is usual for your baby.






What's New with You

Week 27 - Lamaze International.jpgThe discomforts you are feeling may make you eager to get the pregnancy over with. However, babies grow best inside their mother’s uterus. When you’re growing impatient and feel like the pregnancy couldn’t be over soon enough, remember 40 reasons to wait the full 40 weeks.








Just for Fun

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