Life Changes, Decisions and the Passion For Birth Workshop

Most know that I really got involved with Lamaze when I decided I wanted to become a childbirth educator. I started getting involved with the childbirth community when I was young -- 19 to be exact -- and I was trained as a postpartum doula for a local agency. I loved what I did, and ended up working towards becoming a birth doula.  When my children came along, the unpredictable schedule of a doula made it far more difficult to really take on clients, and I ached for a new birth related field that I could charge into while being able to schedule childcare for my boys.The more I read and learned, the more I knew I needed to become a childbirth educator. There is such a need for it, especially in my shoreline area of Connecticut. But then came the newest journey... which organization did I want to go through?  Which path did I want to take, and what kind of training did I want to commit to?There are so many -- I never realized! ICEA, Lamaze, CAPPA, Bradley, ALACE... my head started spinning until one of my mentors, and now good friend, came to my rescue.  Robin Elise Weiss, famous childbirth educator, writer, and Renaissance woman in the birth field suggested taking a Passion for Birth workshop to become Lamaze educated and possibly certified.My ears and interest perked up then. And the best part was, my mentor was going to travel across the country and teach the weekend workshop for me!  This all took place in February. I scheduled my workshop for late July knowing I wouldn't have anything else going on. (HAHA!) Life happened, and this weekend, the weekend of my Passion for Birth workshop, just happened to fall inbetween two giant events I never thought I would go through with. One being having my wisdom teeth out (last weekend) and next weekend I manned up to go to the BlogHer conference.Friday I will start the training that very well may change my life altogether, and change the lives of women locally some day.To learn more about becoming a Lamaze Childbirth Educator, check out some of this information :Passion For Birth WorkshopsGet Certified with LamazeLamaze Childbirth Educator Training

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