Great Expectations: Liz @ 18 Weeks

Feels like a foot! It's amazing how four little words can totally change things. Up until a few days ago, I spent a portion of every day worrying about the well-being of this little nugget and fearing that we would lose our baby once again.  As much as I didn't want to, I couldn't help it, and it was starting to weigh on my mind. As I'm nearing the half-way point of my pregnancy, I realized that this worry has interfered with me truly being able to enjoy this little one.Then, at my prenatal visit the other day with my midwife, she was palpating my belly to feel the baby's position, and said, very casually, "Feels like a foot!" At that moment, I felt like this dark cloud that has been following me for the last several months lifted. I was amazed at the fact that our little nugget is now big enough for her to distinguish body parts--that he or she is growing and thriving inside me, despite my worry, making me realize that I need to fully trust my body and my baby.We heard the baby's heartbeat again (no trucker interference this time), strong and clear.  My children continue to relish in the fact that my belly is getting bigger all the time, making it a prime target for hugs and kisses. I called up the photographer who took maternity photos for me with my previous pregnancies (including the one we lost) and had her come over to take the first pictures in what will become a series, ending with new baby shots. All these things, along with the feeling of those tiny little feet squirming around inside me, have given me a whole new outlook on my pregnancy.

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