Great Expectations: Meagan @ 38 Weeks

I have now reached 38 weeks. Where did the time go? I remember mid-way through pregnancy it seemed like the end was so far away. That seems like it was just yesterday. People have started taking notice that the end is quite close (for some reason the size of my belly clues them in pretty quickly).  We haven't gotten the the-baby-hasn't-come-yet question. Instead it's the predecessor wow-that's-all-the-time-you-have-left inquiry. If my belly button is any sort of indicator, yep, there's not much time left.

Thankfully I'm still feeling great. Plus, I passed my group B strep test. Phew! I have managed to avoid most of the typical pregnancy complaints or discomforts. Instead I just have some annoyances. For instance, I am getting tired of constantly hiking up my pants and pulling down my shirt. Some days I feel like my main form of exercise is endlessly adjusting my wardrobe. I also look forward to putting on socks without holding my breath and hoping I can balance long enough to get the sock over my toes. Glorious will be the day when I drop something and I don't have to weigh the pros and cons of picking it up as opposed to leaving it there until one of the kids can get it for me. But, if that is the worst I have to deal with, I've had it pretty good.

We have been going over the checklist for baby preparations. Clothes laundered? Check. Diapers prepped? For the most part. Gear gathered? Pretty much. Boy name chosen? Indeed. Girl name? Well, hopefully we'll get to that one at some point&if it's necessary at all.


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