9 Surprising Things About Your Newborn

Babies don't get enough credit. Sure, it's true they depend 100% on someone else for food, shelter, and safety, but you might be surprised to learn how much they already know, fresh from the womb! Test your newborn knowlege: did you know...

shutterstock_3555152.jpg1. Newborns can recognize their mother's voice and scent. This is why moms seem to sometimes have the "magic touch" when it comes to soothing baby -- she is what is most familiar. 

2. Newborns root instinctively to find food after birth. It won't be long after birth that you'll notice baby turning her head to the side, opening her mouth wide, and even sucking on her own hands -- all of which are motions used to search for food.

3. Newborns are more mobile than you think! Most term newborns are capable of lifting their head and chest up when laying on their tummy, and can even scoot or "crawl" around (not in the same way an older baby crawls).

4. Newborns poop several times a day. After around the fourth day, newborns can poop as many as 6-10 times per day!

5. Newborns' eyes are not coordinated. It's very normal for newborns to cross their eyes, due to eye muscles that are still developing. If you suspect an issue beyond the first couple of months, talk to your child's care provider. 

6. Some newborns are very hairy. This downy soft, fine hair is called lanugo and is developed in the womb. Don't worry though, they will shed this fur within a few weeks after birth. 

7. Boy newborns get erections. It's a normal, involuntary response. But for parents who see it for the first time, it can be surprising! 

8. Newborn feet and legs are often bowed and turned in. Newborns bones are softer than ours, and in the last few months before birth, babies are in a tight space. As a beautiful adaptation to their surroundings, many babies are folded and tucked in the womb. Don't fret if your baby's feet are turned far into each other after birth -- they will straighten out in the weeks and months after birth. Your baby's pediatrician will keep a close eye on normal bodily development. Be sure to ask if you have concerns.

9. Newborns aren't always cute. Newborn features can sometimes initially appear very over or under proportioned, but they won't always be! Newborns looks change almost daily in the first few weeks and months -- they will likely look very different at 3 months than they did at 3 days. 


What surprised you about your newborn?

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