4 Things Not to Do During Birth

Did you know that there was a list of "no-nos" for birth? Well, it's true. Along with all the other things you need to learn and remember for your big day, add these four to your list.

When you give birth, DON'T:

Apologize... for being too loud, for being messy, for asking for reassurance or comfort or more warm blankets. This is your big GIANT day and you are entitled to be and do and ask for what your body needs!

ball squat.jpgForget to breathe... the more you breathe, the more you release tension and pain. It's natural for us to hold our breath when we're enduring stress and physically uncomfortable situations, but you'll feel much better when you breathe regularly and deeply.

Try too hard... to make the day anything more or less than what it will be. Birth is not a wedding and cannot be planned (but a birth plan is a good idea), so understand that the day may go differently than you had imagined or hoped, and that is ok. And if it's not ok, you will find the strength, courage, and support to weather through it.

Hesitate... to ask for help, to allow your body to move in new ways, to speak up for what you want, to be proud of yourself. Birth is amazing! 


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