Your Pregnancy Week by Week: 6 Weeks

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You're in Week 6 of Your Pregnancy!

“Ready or not, here I come!” If your little one could speak to you right now, he or she might just pipe up with this familiar childhood phrase. You may have eagerly awaited this pregnancy for months, or the news may have come as a surprise. No matter how you arrived here, you are at the start of an unforgettable journey with this tiny little life. Take this time to nourish your body and your baby and prepare for each new day of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Lamaze seeks to serve you as a guide and a resource, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Look out for an e-mail from us each week with information and inspiration that will guide you through your pregnancy and birth experience. We invite you to read on, ask questions and enjoy!  

What's New with Baby

Week 6 - Lamaze International.jpgBy the time your body starts to show signs of pregnancy, your tiny baby already has the beginnings of a brain, eyes, ears, lungs and heart. In fact, her heart has even begun to beat to its own rhythm! While your little one is no longer than a grain of rice, her tiny arm and leg buds have already started to form.







What's New with You

Week 6 - Lamaze International.jpgWhat was your first clue that you were pregnant? Perhaps you missed a period, or you just had a hunch, or you felt a little queasy walking past the seafood market. Maybe you sensed something different about your body, little changes you'd never noticed before. Or you found your emotions were strung a little tighter than usual. You wondered: "Could I be pregnant?"

Whether you confirmed your pregnancy with a home test or at a clinic, you likely knew beforehand that something was different by observing your body closely. That's just the first of many opportunities pregnancy offers you to be mindful--to pay close attention to your body, your baby, your environment and your instincts.

Beginning at conception (when egg and sperm join), your body undergoes an avalanche of changes in a very short time. Each change supports the growth and development of the baby inside you, and eventually prepares you for labor and birth. If you take a quiet moment to stand before the mirror after a shower, you might notice some changes in your breasts--darker, bigger, bumpier nipples, or a feeling of tenderness or heaviness. Each of these developments signals an amazing physiological process taking place inside your body as it prepares to produce milk.

Let's Talk

From the time that you learn you are pregnant, the countdown to your due date begins. But the seemingly simple question “When are you due?” can really be answered by only one person: Your baby.

 A Touch of Inspiration

"Rely on your own inner resources, trust your body's responses, and take joy in preparing for the new life that is now becoming a part of yours."
– Peggy O'Mara, editor and publisher of Mothering Magazine

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