Your Pregnancy Week by Week: 7 Weeks

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You're in Week 7 of Your Pregnancy!

Are you having a hard time keeping food down lately? Many women experience nausea in the first trimester—but luckily, the feeling usually passes by the start of the second trimester. If you’re not able to eat much right now, be sure that you make every bite count. 

What's New with Baby

Week 7 - Lamaze International .jpgYour baby is changing quickly, as the major organs of his little body are now forming. His brain is developing into five areas, and some cranial nerves are already visible. Blood is pumping through the main vessels to all parts of his body. Yet even as all of this is going on, he is still not much longer than a cucumber seed!







What's New with You

Week 7 - Lamaze International.jpgNausea is so common in early pregnancy that it’s often the first signal a woman is pregnant. It may help to think of that queasy feeling as nature’s way of keeping you and your baby safe from harmful substances during your baby’s most sensitive developmental stage. The tips below may help you cope—but if nothing else works, keep your eyes on the road ahead: nausea will end eventually. For most women, it goes away somewhere between the third and fourth month.

  • A change in diet can help. Eat and drink whatever you think you can handle—try small, frequent snacks that sound comforting and are easy to digest.
  • A high-protein snack before bed, as well as to snack on before getting out of bed, is a traditional remedy for morning sickness . Munch on yogurt, cheese, peanut butter, nuts, seeds, eggs, canned light tuna, and oatmeal.
  • Motion sickness bands, which stimulate an acupressure point near the wrist, can also ease symptoms.
  • Ginger and vitamin B6 (75 mg daily) have both been proven to provide relief for nausea and vomiting. Take ginger in capsules (1 g daily), added to cooking or brewed into a tea.



Words of Wisdom from Another Mom

“I am 10 weeks pregnant. I haven’t experienced any nausea, which had me worrying—but my doctor says it's fine. I get ravenous and feel awful if I wait too long to eat. I am only craving meat! I hate red meat and normally avoid it, but now I dream of hamburgers and the middle of the night!”


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