Santa Baby? Why it's Great to Have Your Baby on a Holiday!

Are you due this month and worried about having a holiday baby? Fear not! Read below to find out some of the good reasons for your baby to be born on a major holiday. And if you're still worried about your baby's birth date, take a deep breath and keep in mind what's most important: the health of you and your baby. Take extra care in avoiding induction during the holiday season. It's not uncommon for moms and care providers to reconsider induction this time of year, even though it may not be medically necessary. 

5 Great Reasons to Give Birth on a Holiday

santa baby.jpg1. You WIN "best gift of the year."

2. Your baby's birthday will be super-easy to remember! 

3. If your baby's birthday is also a national holiday, she will likely always have the day off from school and work!

4. Giving birth (or tending to a new baby) is a great reason to be relieved of cooking and cleaning during the holiday celebrations!

5. In the days and weeks of the post-holiday period, while others are dealing with the let-down of "back-to-the-grind," you will have a beautiful new baby and can continue to relish in the joy (and yes, tiredness) of being a new parent. 


Have your or someone you know had a holiday baby? Share your experience in the comments!

photo credit: Scott SM via photopin cc


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