Your Pregnancy Week by Week: 16 Weeks

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You're in week 16 of your pregnancy!

As a mom-to-be, you have many opportunities to get in touch with your baby during these nine months of pregnancy. Within the next few weeks, you may begin to feel those tell-tale flutters that mean your baby is merrily dancing away. As your baby’s senses develop, you may be able to feel your baby reacting to sounds, lights and touch. You can sense your baby’s periods of rest and activity, and even be able to tell when your little one is having hiccups! Your intimate connection to your baby allows you to get in touch with your baby in ways that others simply cannot. Take time to celebrate these moments, as they are the foundation of a strong lifelong relationship.

What's New with Baby

Week 16 - Lamaze International.jpgAs she continues to grow, your baby’s eyes have begun to shift from the side of her head to the front of her head. In a similar way, her ears have begun to move from the neck to the sides of her head. With these movements, your baby is looking more like a newborn than she has in the past few weeks. She’s getting ready for another big growth spurt, and currently weighs in at about 100 grams and 12cm in length (about the size of an avocado).






What's New with You

Week 16 - Lamaze International.jpgYou may describe the first flutterings you feel from your baby as bubbles popping or little fish darting about. You may not be sure whether those butterfly sensations are gas or your baby. Soon you’ll know without a doubt—that’s your baby! For many women, the movements help them feel connected to baby. Feeling baby’s movements can make pending motherhood seem real. It brings the realization that there truly is a new little being growing inside you. Welcome your baby’s movements. These “butterfly kisses” are a sign of life and vitality.

Your baby has actually been moving about well before you were able to feel the sensation. But recently, the baby has grown big enough to explore the little world inside you and make noticeable contact with the sides of your uterus. For the first few weeks, the movements may be here and there, not consistent. Gradually, as the movements become stronger, they will become a regular part of your daily life.

It’s no surprise that many women say that baby’s first movements made pregnancy more real and helped them feel connected to the little one growing inside. In early pregnancy, it can be hard to wrap your head around the fact that you will be a mother to this baby soon, and unpleasant symptoms can make it hard to fully embrace the amazing miracle happening inside. In the second half of pregnancy, as your belly seems to grow before your eyes and you get plenty of bumps and wiggles from baby, each day will bring a greater realization and acceptance of the incredible transition to motherhood that lies ahead.

Words of Wisdom from Another Mom

“‘OK baby, let’s take a nap.’ I lie down and put my hands on the bulge, as I had done so many times before, and closed my eyes for a little rest. Did I feel something? I giggled. Again, a little tickle. The tiny tickle made me laugh out loud. The laugh caused another flutter. Could this tiny life be responding to me? I pushed back on my belly where he kicked and he would kick back. Were my poking fingers disrupting his world? My laughter disrupting his slumber? Or did this tiny person already have my sense of humor? I knew beyond science or reason that this life, an extension of my own, shared my delight in all things funny. And, I’ve been laughing with him ever since!”

Christie, from Nurturing Baby and Me During Pregnancy



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