Your Pregnancy Week by Week: 17 Weeks

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You're in week 17 of your pregnancy!

For some women, weight gain during the second trimester is not so fun. The second trimester can be seen as an awkward ‘in between’ stage, when you have noticeably gained weight but may not look obviously pregnant just yet. Know that your body, in all its wisdom, is doing exactly what it needs to be doing for your little one. The weight gain you are experiencing is necessary to support life during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Learn more about just where all the weight goes during pregnancy from Health Canada’s Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy.

What's New with Baby

Week 17 - Lamaze International.jpgAlthough it’s still early, you may be feeling the movements of your little gymnast. He’s small enough that he can easily move from head up to head down and sideways. Although his little body has very little fat right now (about 1% of his body weight), he is beginning to build up his stores of brown fat. This type of fat is very important for keeping your baby warm after he is born. Your baby has increased his weight to about 140grams this week and measures about 13cm in length—about the size of a potato.





What's New with You

Week 17 - Lamaze International.jpgAt 17 weeks into your pregnancy, you may not feel so comfortable in your pre-pregnancy clothing. Rather than trying to hang on to those smaller items of clothing ‘for just a little longer,’ consider getting some maternity clothing designed to fit your blooming body. For the budget-conscious mother, there are several inexpensive options for maternity clothing. Local consignment stores are a great source for maternity wear, especially considering that most pieces have only been worn for a few months. Get in touch with your friends that have already had children and ask about borrowing their maternity clothing. You can even rent maternity wear and find discounted pieces on numerous online shopping sites. Pregnancy is a time to love your blooming body, so show it some love with a few pieces of new (or new-to-you) clothing!




Words of Wisdom from Another Mom

“Sandra Steffes, childbirth educator par excellence, first told me that in parts of Africa, a woman is not considered truly wise until her nipples point to the ground. These women know that you need a life story to be truly wise…and that the story of pregnancy and birth and caring for babies (as well as age) changes our bodies. Those changes should be applauded and revered, and yes, celebrated. So, lately I have been content, and pleased, with the story my ‘mother-of-five’ body shares with the world.”

“I’m just about to cross over into the third trimester of my first pregnancy, and I’m not sure where the first two went. A wonderfully hedonistic friend offered the perfect solution to slow down the clock just enough to ensure at least one opportunity to revel in this fleeting frame that supports both me and the baby for a short nine months—a day of body worship…I’m rarely flush with cash, so I improvised by asking friends if they would be willing to assist in my day of hedonism, and everyone enthusiastically agreed. They saw it as an opportunity to show their love and support of this transition in my life.”


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