Your Pregnancy Week by Week: 26 Weeks

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You're in week 26 of your pregnancy!

Sleep, the elusive pleasure that many a pregnant woman and new mothers yearn for. You likely feel more tired in the later weeks of pregnancy, and a lack of sleep may be to blame. The signals you’re getting from your body are nature’s way of preparing you for early motherhood. As you adjust to the increased demands on your energy, consider how the hours of your days (and nights) might change in the months and years ahead. This week, we’ll explore the topic of sleep.

What's New with Baby

Week 26 - Lamaze International.jpgAt 26 weeks, your baby’s lungs start to develop surfactant. This substance helps keep the lungs inflated after birth, and now that it’s being produced, your little one has a better chance of survival if she were born now. Her fat stores are steadily increasing, and she’s also continuing to grow bone material. Your growing baby now weighs in at close to 800 grams (two pounds). She’s about 14 inches long, or roughly as long as a rutabaga.





What's New with You

Week 26 - Lamaze International.jpgHow have you been sleeping lately? For many mothers, lack of sleep is the norm. As your body grows and changes, you may find it harder to get comfortable. Nighttime trips to the bathroom, thanks to a growing baby pressing on your bladder, can also disrupt sleep. You may experience insomnia, while your mind races about the changes that lie ahead. These final months are a time to pay loving attention to the upcoming work of birthing your baby. Your body is insisting that it not be put on the back burner of your life. Throughout pregnancy, you’ve had to accommodate the changing shape of your body; now it’s time to accommodate the changing shape of your life in general. If you are having trouble getting the sleep you need, try out some of these tips




Story from a Mama who has been there

“I was amazed by the vivid dreams I had during my pregnancy. My dreams would play out like a movie on a screen, with full plots and everything. People I had not seen in years would make an appearance in my dreams from time to time. That intense level of dreaming is one feature of pregnancy I wish I could have held on to!”

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