Why Cesarean Awareness Month?


1 in 3 is too many

constantexchange.pngRecovery is hard 

My birth was still a birth

I want to have a VBAC 

My scar still hurts

I was separated from my baby

My doula supported me in the OR

I didn't have a choice

I got to experience skin to skin with my baby right away

 I made the choice this time

I wish I would have known

I feel cheated

My doctor never told me this could happen

It's going to be OK

My sister said this was easier anyway

My midwife made the right decision to transfer to the hospital

Friends told me at least I had a healthy baby

I have postpartum depression

It was the best decision for my birth

My husband has scars too

I'm embarrassed

My doula wasn't allowed back into the OR

I failed the one thing I'm supposed to be able to do as a woman

My mom had one too; I guess it was meant to happen

I know my doctor helped me make the best decision

I want more for my daughter 

I am a source of courage and support for others who have gone before me and those who will go after me

I did the best that I could with the knowledge I had at the time

I'm doing better now

My baby is beautiful

My body is strong

I am resilient

My birth matters


Love this!

April 4, 2015 12:17 PM by Sharon Muza, sharonmuza.com

Thanks Cara for writing this, it is simply lovely!


April 12, 2015 11:00 PM by Maggie Jennings

This is PERFECT.  Thanks, Cara!

Thank you!

April 13, 2015 03:30 PM by Cara Terreri, LCCE, CD(DONA)

Thank you for your kind words. I was amazed at how the words just flowed out for this poem. I'm happy that it can touch and inspire others. 


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