How to Avoid a Cesarean: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

In a new short and simple video from Lamaze, president Robin Weiss, PhDc, MPH, CPH, LCCE, (who is also the face behind "Pregnancy & Childbirth") shares with viewers perhaps the most important question all parents should ask of their provider -- OB or midwife -- early on in their prenatal care. Check it out:


Lamaze also created a helpful, to-the-point infographic on the facts about cesarean and how to avoid one. See this close up of important pointers:

ces infog piece.jpg

Click on the full infographic below to learn more. And, check out the cesarean information page on the website. It's chock full of quick tips and reliable resources to help you find the best maternity care. 


Lamaze_CesaraenInfographic_FINAL (2).jpg


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