A Poem for Mother's Day

Dear Mom: It's OK


To feel stressed.

To be too exhausted to be joyful. 

To love being a mommy with all your heart. 

To Pinterest plan your baby's first birthday. 

To hate changing diapers. 

Mother's Day

To ask for help. 

To fix toast for dinner.

To trust your gut.

To worry about the little things.

And the big things.

To let go.

To want a vacation. 

To want to do it all.

To realize you can't.

To miss a soccer game. 

To skip a shower.

Or two.

To want to be alone. 

To leave the laundry until tomorrow.

Or the next day.

To go to work. 

To miss your baby.

To order pizza. Again.

To fall behind. 

To stand up for your beliefs.

To weigh more than you used to.

To hug your children tightly and not want to let go.

To act silly.

To get upset. 

To take time for yourself. 

To feel happy.

To want more.

To be proud of yourself. 

To not have all the answers. 

To lock yourself in the bathroom with a good book.

To feel overwhelmed.

And underwhelmed.

To whine.

To cry.

To take a deep breath.

To give yourself a time out. 

To forgive yourself.

To be yourself.

To love yourself.


Dear Mom, it's OK. Because you are enough. 

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May 14, 2015 08:33 AM by Leah

what a beautiful poem and something all mommys need to read

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