Preeclampsia: Know the Symptoms, Spread the Word

May is Preeclampsia Awareness Month, and like this year's theme, created by the Preeclampsia Foundation, we want to help make sure women everywhere know the symptoms and spread the word. Even if you aren't pregnant, helping another woman spot a potential symptom could save her and her baby's life. In fact, new research tells us that as one of the five leading causes of maternal death, preeclampsia is the most preventable. The most sure-fire way to prevent death from preeclampsia is to seek timely care, and a woman will only do so if she knows and understands the symptoms. Ready, set, share? Here you go:

Preeclampsia Symptoms (4).png

For more resources on preeclampsia, including information on causes, treatments, research new, and community support from other moms who have or have had preeclampsia, visit the Preeclampsia Foundation website

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signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsia

May 24, 2015 06:18 PM by Heather Nobles, RN

Some common signs and symptoms beyond the increasing blood pressures are visual disturbances, such as seeing spots or halos around objects, sensitivity to light, and upper epigastric or "heartburn" - like pain that does not subside with antacids such as TUMS, or is constant in nature.

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