Conception, The Journey of Sperm, and Prepping for Pregnancy

Unless you've done extensive reading and research (8th grade sex-ed class doesn't count), conception can be a confusing an somewhat mysterious topic. But when you're TTC (trying to conceive), it becomes an all-consuming topic! together with Professor Allan Pacey, BSc, PhD, FRCOG, created a fun and informative infographic to help educate and dispel the mystery behind conception. The infographic and accompanying article called "The Journey of Sperm" dive into the details of pre-conception and conception, giving you an up-close look at the journey of sperm, and the fascinating events and challenges that take place leading up to fertilization. Take a look:

The Journey of the Winning Sperm

Of course, conception is just the beginning! There's a pregnancy to learn about and experience, and eventually, a new child to plan for! Once you begin your journey to becoming pregnant, be sure to get yourself and your partner off to a great start. For a limited time, Lamaze is offering a free online pregnancy prep class called, "Prepared for Pregnancy: Start off Right." After taking this class, you will be able to:
  • Select an appropriate health care provider for your maternity care
  • Learn what physical and emotional changes you can expect in the early weeks
  • Make healthy and safe nutritional choices that meet the needs of your pregnant body
  • Choose exercises and physical activity that support a healthy pregnancy
  • Identify warning signs and know when to contact your provider
  • Identify community resources that can help during pregnancy and early parenting

Best wishes on your journey to conception and beyond!

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