Positive Affirmations and Mantras for Your Pregnancy

iStock_000026692293Large.jpgPregnancy is a time of joy! And wonder! And beauty! But not every pregnant woman feels joyful, wonderful, or beautiful during their pregnancy -- or certainly not all throughout pregnancy. In fact, for some women, pregnancy is downright difficult. For others, pregnancy, like many things in life, has its ups and downs. Pregnancy is a journey -- a stage in life that typically has a clear ending and beginning, and takes you from point A to point B (from person to parent or from parent to parent of more). Like any journey or trip, it's important to have with you the gear you need to make your travels more comfortable and enjoyable. On Monday of this week, we discussed "slow living" during pregnancy and how moving about your day to day more mindfully and aware (pausing and experiencing instead of rushing to the next thing) can be a helpful way to savor and appreciate your pregnancy -- a useful tool for your toolbox. Today, we're talking mantras. 

A mantra is a saying, sentance, or "slogan," that you say to yourself (out loud of silently) over and over. Also known as affirmations, positive messages, or positive thoughts, people often use a mantra to help get them through a hard time, to remember something important, to help change a habit, or to provide a boost of encouragement. The use of a mantra, similar to meditation, yoga, and the practice of mindfulness, can help strengthen the mind-body connection, which can improve your physical and mental health. We encourage you to take one or more of the mantras from our list below -- or create your own -- and use it throughout your pregnancy. Repeat it to yourself throughout the day and write it on sticky notes and post it around your house, in your car, or at your office desk. The more you read and speak your mantra, the more you will believe it. While the following list focuses on pregnancy, take a look at our post on affirmations for labor and birth


Mantras for a More Positive Pregnancy

"My body is a vessel" - Helpful for women experiencing bodily discomfort or for those who are uncomfortable with their changing shape and weight.

"My pregnant body is beautiful" - See above.

"I am nourishing my baby" - Helps to encourage choosing nutritious food and drink.

"I won't be pregnant forever" - Helpful for the end of pregnancy or for a pregnancy that is causing physical discomfort.

"My body is strong enough" - Helpful to overcome thoughts like, "I don't think I can do this!"

"This work is important" - Reminding you of your goal.

"I have a greater purpose" - See above. 

"I listen to what my body needs" - Helps to respond better to cues of tiredness, hunger, needing time alone. 

"One day/moment at a time" - Reminds you to only worry/focus on today.

"I am here for my baby" - Helps to connect you with your baby.

"My body is the perfect home for my baby" - Encourages you to trust your body and it's ability to grow your baby.

"I make the best decisions for me and my baby" - Combats negative self talk and unwanted advice from others.


Did you use a mantra for your pregnancy? Share in the comments!




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