Understanding & Celebrating Midwifery Care: A 5 Step Action Plan

mom and care provider.jpgLast Week, October 4-10, the world celebrated National Midwifery Week with a formal recognition and awareness campaign to share information about the difference of midwife-led care. Hiring a midwife to care for you during pregnancy and birth can be an exellent choice for safe and healthy birth. Midwifery care offers key differences for families, including modern, advanced, and personlized maternity care. In fact, research has shown that midwifery care in pregnancy leads to fewer medical interventions and increased satisfaction with care. To join in the midwifery celebration and help increase awareness, we're sharing a five-step plan to become more familiar with, share information about, and reconsider midwifery care.  

Step 1: Know Your Options!
You don't have to see the default care provider nearest you, the OB you've always seen, or the women's care office your sister recommends. When it comes to choosing the provider who will see you through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, know who is available, how they practice, and if their level of care matches your goals and preferences for birth. Your health is important! For more information, take a look at the Your Health Promise pledge from the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) at www.ourmomentoftruth.com

Step 2: Bust a Myth!
Did you know that midiwives only attend home births? That they don't let you use an epidural? That they don't like OBs? Of course, none of these myths are true! Misinformation about midwifery care continues to spread and keeps many women from looking further into the use of a midwife for their maternity care. Check out more myths -- and learn the truth -- here. When you know the truth, be sure to let others know too!

Step 3: Spread the Word
How can you be a champion for midwives in your community? Read and share one of the great tools here, or repost an Our Moment Of Truth National Midwifery Week Facebook status, or share a personal story about your experience with midwifery care (see Step 4!).

Step 4: Share Your Story!
How has midwifery care affected you? Perhaps you recently discovered midwives and are beginning the process of switching providers, or maybe you just gave birth with an amazing midwife. Whatever your personal experience, share your story on the Our Moment of Truth website, and then share the link on social media.

Step 5: Put Yourself First!
Midwives value and teach the importance of taking care of yourself. What have you done for you lately? Self-care is critical to your well being, even when you have a baby to take care of or a million things on your to-do list -- make sure you're on that list, too! Even something as simple as a hot bath, going for a walk, or a taking 20 minutes to read a couple of chapters in a book can go a long way toward refilling your tank. If your tank is empty, it's a lot more challenging to take care of others! 

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