Choosing Your Care Provider - A New Lamaze Infographic Break Down

Care provider teaser1.jpgLamaze has released another great infographic! This time, the topic is "Who Should Be My Pregnancy Care Provider?" also known as "The first and most important decision in pregnancy." This couldn't be more true! Who you choose to care for you in pregnancy and birth will dictate how you and your baby are cared for, whether your preferences for birth are honored, and most importantly, the health and safety of you and your baby throughout pregnancy, in birth, during postpartum, and possibly for the rest of your lives. Hiring your OB or midwife is not a decision to take lightly! Giving Birth with Confidence has written many helpful resources to assist in selecting a care provider. Let's see what Lamaze has to offer now with the newest infographic. We'll break it down piece by piece, offering insight as well as links to past articles. To view the full infographic, click on the preview image (top right). 


Care provider 1.jpg

Midwifery care offers a level of care and support that differs from an obstetrician or family doctor. It's important to learn about those differences, as well as the many benefits, and investigate if a midwife is right for you. Learn more from our resources on midwifery care:

>The midwifery care difference and types of midwives
>Facts vs. myths about midwives
>How to choose a midwife 



Care provider 2.jpgJust like it's important to know about midwives, it's important to know about all of the different types of care providers for families during pregnancy. Depending on your pregnancy and health, there is likely one option that's better for you. And of course, how providers in your area and insurance network all will have different styles and preferences. Don't discount any provider based on their title -- do your homework and interview before you commit! 

Finding the right health care provider

Choosing a care provider on quality instead of distance

Care provider red flags

Interview tips


Care provider 3.jpg

You'll never know if you don't ask! This is a great short-list of questions. For more, check out these additional resources. 

Questions to ask when choosing a plus size friendly care provider

Using your BRAIN to ask questions

Tips for communicating with your care provider

10 questions to ask your care provider


Care provider 4.jpgHands down, these are the best, easiest, and most effective ways to choose your care provider. A quality childbirth class is always the best place to start in order to get the best care for you and your baby.




Care provider 5.jpg

Yes, you can change your care provider! And many women and families say it was the best decision they could have made. 

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