Pinterest for Pregnancy

If you're pregnant and haven't been on Pinterest lately, it's time to take a second look. Pinterest is a picture perfect curated collection to assist you in your pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting. Just take a look:

"Maternity Clothes DIY" on PinterestSearch "document pregnancy" for creative ways to memorialize your pregnancy, month by month or week by week. 

Search "pregnancy workout" for great ideas to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy (be sure to check with your care provider for exercise safety tips).

Search "maternity clothes DIY" for tips on creating cheap and simple maternity outfits. 

Search "pregnancy remedies" for all kinds of pregnancy ailment remedies, tips, and tricks. 

Search "birth bag checklist" for some great suggestions on what to pack. 

Search "hospital birth" for tried and true hospital birth tips. 

Search "coping birth" for lots of comfort measures ideas. 

Search "postpartum tips" for an array of hacks and advice for surviving and thriving in the postpartum period. 

And while you're on Pinterest, remember to check out the resourceful boards from Lamaze, including labor and birth support, birth stories, birth videos, healthy pregnancy tips, and pregnancy and birth inspiration.  

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