Thanksgiving and Pregnancy: A "Yes, You Can" Guide

mom & grandma.jpgIf you type "Thanksgiving and pregnancy" into Google, you'll find scores of articles about food, drinks, and activities to avoid this Thanksgiving. While some of that information is helpful for your health and safety, it can feel deflating. It's no fun to hear (time and again) all the things you can't take part in during your pregnancy! I'm here to give you a guide on the many things you can enjoy over the holiday.    

Second helpings. After all, you are eating for two! Plus, it's Thanksgiving -- second (and third) helpings are expected.

Time off your feet. No need to feel guilty if you find yourself sitting more than usual this year. Swelling in your feet, lower back pain, and even first trimester nausea all are great reasons to find a comfortable seat and put your feet up. No one will give you a hard time about that!

Extra attention. While not everyone loves the extra attention a pregnancy brings, for those who do, you can be sure it will come your way on Thanksgiving day! Whether it's a pass to sit down (see above), an offer to get you a drink, a shoulder rub from your auntie, or just lots of extra talk about the baby, soak it up and enjoy. 

An afternoon nap. Guess who has the best excuse to fall asleep after Thanksgiving dinner? Find a nice, quiet bedroom and catch a few winks. Who knows, it might just get you out of clean up!

A "get out of jail free" card when you want to go home. Of course, this only works if you're at someone else's house. If you're at your own house, it's perfectly acceptable to call it a night and head to bed, even if your guests are still there. 

The most comfortable seat in the house. Whether it's to watch football or to sit and chat, you will likely be offered your choice of seats. And if not, speak up and take it! 

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