A Must-Have Gift-Giving Guide for Pregnancy

cara birth ball.jpg'Tis the season! If you're pregnant, this year's holiday gift wish list may look a little different than in years past. There are special items for baby, of course, but what about you? There are a whole host of items that can help make your pregnancy more comfortable and fun! When making your wish list, consider adding some of the following items. 

1. Pregnancy pillow. Seriously. I don't know a pregnant person who said they did not like their pregnancy pillow. There are many brands and styles to choose from so choose wisely -- ask for advice from friends or look for reviews on Amazon. 

2. Exercise ball. These are great for sitting on in late pregnancy (whether in the office or at home, or both!), as well as a very helpful tool to take with you in birth! 

3. Pregnancy journal. If you haven't already started one, keeping a journal during pregnancy can be a wonderful gift to yourself and eventually, your child. Again, there are many options and styles to choose from. 

4. Prenatal yoga classes gift certificate. Any pregnant person can benefit from the soothing and restorative benefits of a good prenatal yoga class. And the good news is that most yoga studios offer gift certificates! 

5. Childbirth, infant care, and breastfeeding books. Of course, we love The Official Lamaze Guide: Giving Birth with Confidence, but Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn also is an excellent choice. For baby care, check out The Baby Book. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers is a favorite for breastfeeding tips.  

6. Maternity photos. This might be a stretch for some, but if you have someone who likes to bestow larger gifts, this could be the perfect choice. 

7. Maternity clothes. Gift cards to your favorite shop for cute and comfortable maternity clothes is ideal in pregnancy!

8. Meal or cleaning service. Pregnancy is tiring at times. Having some meals delivered or a cleaning service prior to baby's arrival would go a long way to helping you feel more rested, nourished, and prepared. 

9. Pedicure or massage gift card. There is no explanation for these -- they just feel wonderful. 

10. Childbirth classes. This is a hefty gift, but the value is priceless. 

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