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This holiday season, Lamaze is joining in the gift-giving fun. Now and throughout the early part of the new year, the Lamaze online class, Prepared for Pregnancy: Start Off Right, is FREE! This go-at-your-own pace class, normally offered at $29.95, is the perfect primer to get your pregnancy on the right track in the early weeks or before it even begins. The class was created for families considering if it's the right time to try to get pregnant, those who are actively trying, and those who recently saw a BFP (big fat positive) on their pregnancy test. It would also be helpful for expectant moms who are later in their first or second trimester and feel they may not have gotten off to the best start and want to change their habits for the rest of pregnancy. 

To understand more of what's included, I'll share with you an overview as well as pointers on what is most helpful and why. Here's the general overview of topics in Prepared for Pregnancy: Start Off Right:

  • Preparing your body and mind for pregnancy
  • Considerations during pregnancy - exercise, diet, stress
  • Pregnancy hormones - what they do and why
  • Trimesters of pregnancy - baby's development & what you might be feeling
  • Bonding with your baby - it can start before birth!
  • Getting educated about pregnancy and birth - resources for more info & education

While this class helps answer many questions about prepregnancy and pregnancy, the overarching theme and question this class helps you answer is the all-important, "Am I ready to have a baby?" Of course, nothing or no one can give you a definitive answer, but the class provides an objective snapshot of what to consider when deciding about pregnancy and how best to prepare yourself. 

Prepared for Pregnancy also answers some of the most pressing questions families have surrounding a healthy pregnancy, including specific recommendations on what to eat and how much, and evidence-based information on the safety of exercise. 

The other hugely important piece in this class is specific questions to ask to find the best care provider for your pregnancy. The right care provider is critical to achieving a healthy and safe birth. The earlier in pregnancy -- or prepregnancy -- you can select a care provider in line with your preferences and who practices evidence-based care, the better off you will be throughout pregnancy, in birth, and postpartum. Upon completion of the class, several resources (including free ones!) are provided for furthering your prenatal education. 

In short, when you complete this class, you will be able to:

  • Select an appropriate health care provider for your maternity care
  • Learn what physical and emotional changes you can expect in the early weeks
  • Make healthy and safe nutritional choices that meet the needs of your pregnant body
  • Choose exercises and physical activity that support a healthy pregnancy
  • Identify warning signs and know when to contact your provider
  • Identify community resources that can help during pregnancy and early parenting

And remember, Prepared for Pregnancy: Start Off Right is FREE (for a limited time), so you don't have anything to lose by signing up! Go on over and take a look... and give us your feedback!

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