New Research Supports the Importance of a Safe Cesarean Rate

US Cesarean Rate Still Too High -- Know Steps You Can Take to Avoid a Cesarean

Last week, the Journal of the American Medicine Association (JAMA) released new research showing the correlation between the global rate of cesarean and maternal and infant mortality (that is, mother and infant death). When the rate of cesarean is too low, there is actually an increase in death for mothers and babies. Conversely, when the rate is too high, health risks to mother and baby increase. The study found that the current safe rate of cesarean of 10-15% as dictated by the World Health Organization is too low, and in fact should be closer to 19%. The current US cesarean rate is 32.7%, significantly higher than the new recommended rate. Lamaze advocates for safe and healthy birth, including avoiding cesarean, by promoting the Six Healthy Birth Practices. To learn more about theses, click on the links below (each one includes a short video), or read through a description in the inforgraphic below.   

For more tips and information on cesarean, check out the following articles on the blog. 

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