Seeking "Great Expectations" Pregnancy Blogging Contributor

great expectations3.jpgAre you early on or in the middle of your pregnancy and wishing you had a way to record your experience, or perhaps, share it with others? Well then, we need to talk. In the past, Giving Birth with Confidence has followed along with women throughout pregnancy (every other week) through birth and early postpartum via the series "Great Expectations." Contributors who have participated have come from different walks of life (you don't have to be a writer or blogger!) and have been first-time moms and "seasoned" moms. They have shared with us words of wisdom and tales of woes. We're currently in our longest stretch without a "Great Expectations" series, which is why we're calling out to you, dear readers, to help! Requirements to fill the volunteer position are as follows:

  • Must be pregnant or the partner of a pregnant person - or trying to conceive!
  • Preferably in the first trimester or early second trimester, but we will take those who are further along!
  • Must submit one post, with a picture (not required but really appreciated), at least 300 words in length every other week throughout pregnancy, a birth story post, and at least one early posptartum post

To "apply" (there really is no formal application process, just a willingness to participate!) to become a "Great Expectations" contributor, email the Giving Birth with Confidence blog adminstrator, Cara Terreri, at

To leave a comment, click on the Comment icon on the left side of the screen.  

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