An Online Class Review: Sex During Pregnancy and Beyond

sexuality class.pngAs promised in Monday's post, today I am reviewing the new online class from Lamaze: Sex During Pregnancy and Beyond. I'll review the objectives for the course as well as specific feedback on what I liked and found particularly useful. 

So let's dive right into this juicy, hot-button topic (I promise not to use too many puns) on sex during pregnancy and after giving birth. This class covers everything from the how and why to the what and when, including what's "normal" (hint: there is no standard "norm"), why our sexual needs change, how sexuality involves way more than intercourse, and guides for communicating these issues with your partner. The class is taught by acclaimed "sexpert" and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski, who has authored seven books and presented more than 500 workshops dealing with the topic of sexuality. I have had the personal pleasure to hear Dr. Podgurski speak on sexuality and pregnancy and postpartum, and can say that it was nothing short of amazing and enlightening. 

After taking this class, you can expect to better understand the following:

  • Sexuality as a part of your whole being, not just "sex" as we define it in the bedroom
  • The many (oh there are so many) myths and fears surrounding sex during pregnancy
  • How to open up the discussion -- and go into detail -- on sex and intimacy with your partner
  • Safe and comfortable sexual positions during pregnancy
  • How your body image impacts sex
  • The positive side of sexuality during childbearing time
  • Perception vs. reality of what life is like postpartum

The parts I found most helpful (and fun) in the class were the worksheets. They are a great way to sit down with your partner and open up the conversation in a comfortable and non-confrontational way. Plus, the worksheets with topics geared more for my own input and answers were helpful to reflect more objectively on how I feel and view things. 

As with all online Lamaze classes, there's also a section to post public discussion topics, a place to take notes, and an area to ask a question directly to the instructor. In the beginning of the course, Dr. Podgurski delves into the background behind sexuality and how it's defined. For some, it may feel a little heavy on the technical side of things, but it's a great foundation for the information that comes later. 

Perhaps the best part of the course is its availability to take in the privacy and comfort of your own space. Though it's a normal part of human life, sex can be a touchy and anxious subject. It's nice to be able to explore these topics privately but with the help and guidance from an expert.

If you're curious or in need of help with better understanding sex and sexuality while pregnant and after baby, check out this class! You have only happiness, improved communication, and more satisfaction with yourself and in your relationship to gain! 

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