Bringing Home Baby: Prepare for Parenthood with an Online Class

Untitled.pngNew to the growing list of online Lamaze classes is "Bringing Home Baby," a self-paced course that addresses the most pressing newborn care topics for new parents, including safe sleep and co-sleeping, choosing baby’s health care provider, establishing routines, swaddling, bathing, car seats and more. Transitioning to parenthood can be difficult and daunting, which is why preparing in advance with credible information and tips is so important. This Lamaze online class is designed to be repeated at your convenience to refresh your knowledge on baby care topics as you need it, and can be taken individually or with others who will help you care for your new baby.

After completing this online class, participants will be able to:

  • Understand basic, normal newborn behavior and support their child’s natural development
  • Identify warning signs and know when to call the pediatrician
  • Prepare themselves for basic newborn care and safety needs
  • Understand safe sleeping arrangements
  • Identify community resources that can help during the transition to parenthood
  • Learn ways to prioritize self care and relationships

The class uses interactive images, online discussion boards, video presentations by experts in the field, review quizzes, and links to credible outside resources in order to make your learning experience more dynamic and to help reinforce key points. 

The “Bringing Home Baby” course is perfect to take during the last couple of months of pregnancy, as well as any time in the first few months of parenthood. It's also a great gift for grandparents, family, and other caregivers who will be caring for the new baby as well. Best practices in baby care have changed significantly since today’s grandparents raised their own children. By taking this course, new parents can be assured that other caregivers will be up-to-speed on safe, contemporary care techniques. The class will also help educate older caregivers on why new parents might do certain things differently than previous generations -- a bonus which will help parents feel more comfortable knowing everyone is on the same page, and a way to help eliminate power struggles between parents and grandparents. 

It's normal to have lots of questions about caring for your new baby. And while Google has been immensely helpful in the process, it's also time consuming and overwhelming. "Bringing Home Baby" covers all the major topics with evidence-based information, all in one location. This is a great course to consider if you are unable to attend in-person classes or who want a refresher available at any time during pregnancy and parenthood. When you check on the course, be sure to also take a look at the many online courses Lamaze has to offer, including the free “Prepared for Pregnancy” class, designed to be taken in the first trimester.

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