Great Expectations: Emily @ 24 Weeks

Week 24 (1).jpgWhen we had our first sonogram at about 8 weeks, my husband and I were told that our baby’s umbilical cord was not attached in a preferable location to the placenta. While they like to see it around the center of the placenta, ours is attached at the very “tip top”. We are going to have regular sonograms throughout the pregnancy, to monitor baby’s growth. I was told “not to worry,” but of course, I’ve worried. Also, at our 2nd sonogram, at 17 weeks, baby boy was moving around so much that they weren’t able to get a clear view of his major organs (I promised next time not to drink my daily Coke right before the appointment -- please don’t judge, the doctor approved it due to how it helps my nausea). We were so relieved last week, at our 3rd sono, when we received a perfect bill of health: average size measurements and perfectly developing heart, lungs, spinal cord, etc. At this point, I’m not worried about a thing and I’m just looking forward to seeing him a lot as he grows. It’s so fun!

While my nausea has continued to improve overall, I’ve still had some pretty bad moments the past couple of weeks. But I want to address a more positive pregnancy symptom -- in fact, the only positive one I’ve experience thus far: feeling the baby move!!! I felt the first pop! at the end of week 19, and I agree with a fellow pregnant friend of mine who said it feels like popcorn at first. One week later, when I made my husband be patient for longer than 5 minutes, he felt the popcorn in my belly too! I’ve felt sisters’ and friends’ bellies move many times, but there is nothing like feeling it for yourself. Now the baby is doing bigger kicks and rolls, and I like thinking of him playing in there. It’s also inspired me to do a lot of talking to him, because I’ve also been reading that his little ears are developing and he can actually hear and recognize mommy’s voice! When he’s moving around it makes him feel so close to me.

What to wear while pregnant is another issue I’ve been Googling like crazy. I felt like I was bloated-fat right away in my pregnancy, so I was carefully watching my clothes from the start. Then I had to move on to the rubber band-pant trick, and then soon after the Bella band (thanks, Mom!). I think I have one pair of jeans that fit now, even with the Bella band. My biggest surprise was how large my breasts grew! It seemed like two sizes overnight. As annoying as dressing is right now, I absolutely refuse to spend a lot on clothes for such a temporary time. I ended up investing in a couple of essential maternity pieces: bras, leggings, and a nice belly support tank for layering. I also bought a couple of non-maternity (I tell myself I’ll wear this post baby too -- we’ll see) flowy maxi dresses and skirts, but according to my class spring picture day, those aren’t as flattering as I had thought!! I’m not sure how much I care though; I really just want to feel comfortable and somewhat presentable. I’m most comfortable now in my leggings and a long tunic or one of my maxi dresses. I’m so thankful for the girls at work who tell me daily how cute I look pregnant, which is a huge morale booster regardless of whether it’s true or not! As the weather gets warmer, I may have to break down and get some maternity shorts, as I’m due at the very end of July.

Next up: Changes around the house. At this stage in my pregnancy, I’m going crazy making plans for redoing things around the house and getting things ready for baby!!!

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