Great Expectations: Emily @ 28 Weeks

Week 28.jpgThe baby belly is really starting to pop now! I’m beginning to struggle with putting shoes on, picking up dropped items, and moving around in general. My husband is getting a kick out of seeing me waddling around and bumping into things, and I guess I’m just glad that someone is enjoying my new bumbling state of being. We have a little closet shower that’s never been a problem for me before, but now I can’t shave my legs unless I use the bathtub! I’m also getting super clumsy (even more so than normal). I dropped my phone so many times that it finally broke completely, and I had to get a new one. My husband also had me get what he calls an “Emily-proof” phone case, which is drop proof, waterproof, and dirt proof. I was sad to turn in my cute little Kate Spade phone case, but I guess this one is way more practical. My nausea has been more under control the past couple of weeks, but it flares up when I am overscheduled and don’t have time to rest. I still take my nausea meds because I ran out one day and thought I would be okay, but I immediately starting throwing up again. I guess it’s just something that I need to keep food down for baby and me!

I got all of my final coursework in, so I’ve been able to focus on teaching, things around the house, and trying to stay healthy and feeling good. The only things I’ve done recently in the nursery is clean out the large closet that I had been using for storage and organize some of the baby items that we have received. For now, they are just sitting in the closet waiting until we get all of the furniture set up in the room. I think it will have to be after school is out before we work more on the room. I did get a super cute baby book that I’ve been trying to write in, and I love thinking about my son looking at it in the future!

A lot of people have been asking us about where and how we plan on giving birth. When we first found out we were pregnant, I immediately contacted an old friend of mine who works as a labor and delivery nurse at a great hospital close to us. This hospital is less than a ten-minute drive, and it has recently added a lovely birthing center that has rave reviews. My friend referred us to one of her favorite doctors to work with, so we are planning on a traditional doctor and hospital birth. We have been totally satisfied with the care and attention we receive from our doctor. My hopes are also that my friend will be able to be there for my labor, and she’s even willing to rearrange her schedule for us! Regarding medication, I am totally open to receiving an epidural. I haven’t decided yet about who will join us in the hospital room, but I may ask my mom to be there to support me. She has birthed five children, so she knows a lot about the whole process!

As we get nearer to our due date, I’m also looking into birthing classes to help us prepare for the big event. Our hospital also offers five-week classes the covers all the basics of labor stages and pain management techniques. I haven’t signed us up yet, but I think we will start in June. Joe is too busy with golf tournaments that go late right now, so we need to wait until after golf season ends. They also offer a breastfeeding class that I’m interested in, which is just one night. Joe won’t be thrilled, but they recommend dads come to that one, too.

The class I’m most interested in, however, is called “Breastfeeding: Returning to Work and Pumping”. I have so many questions about how this will work! While I am taking twelve weeks off of work, when I return to work I plan on being able to pump so I can provide breast milk for baby during the day and still breastfeed when at home. As a teacher, I’m kind of concerned about how this will work at school. Currently, I have an hour plan time three days a week, and then just half an hour on the other two days, in addition to a daily 25-minute lunch break. Since I already have to use this time as efficiently as possible to get everything done, I can’t imagine having to squeeze in a daily pumping session too! I also know that with a baby at home, it will be even more important for me to minimize the amount of work I take home, so I need to manage my time wisely. Before the school year ends, I need to touch base with some other teaching moms that have done this recently here at my school and get some tips on this.

My favorite thing is still feeling the baby kicking and moving around, and now that Joe can feel him easily, it’s even more fun. I love to lie in bed while Joe gets to see and feel him kicking, and as he talks to him and prays for him it makes me so proud of my husband, because he is already being such a great daddy!

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