Our Best Resources for Choosing Your Doctor or Midwife in Pregnancy

care provider.jpgWith recent research showing us that your choice of birth location (hospital, birth center, home) has the most impact on birth outcomes and interventions used, it's also important to point out the impact of your care provider for your birth, whether doctor or midwife. Taking the time to choose a care provider carefully, and with intention (instead of defaulting to the care provider you've always seen or the one who is most convenient to your workplace, for example), can increase your chance of having a care provider who aligns with your desires for birth and who practices the kind of evidence-based care that leads to safer and healthier outcomes for you and your baby. The following is a list of the many Lamaze resources for help in choosing a care provider.

Finding a Healthcare Provider - An overview article that talks to the importance of making an informed choice.

Who Should Be My Pregnancy Care Provider - A fantastic infographic chock full of statistics, decision points, and helpful tips. 

Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Care Provider - 10 downloadable questions to take with you when interviewing potential care providers or meeting with your existing care provider. 

Safe & Healthy Birth: Six Simple Steps - A Lamaze online course that goes dives into the importance of choosing a care provider, as well as vital steps for healthy brith. 

How to Choose a Midwife - A detailed guide for choosing a midwife that's right for you.


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