What's New in Pregnancy & Birth News

newspaper-154444_640.pngThere have been some helpful and interesting bits of information in the news this week on pregnancy and birth. Below is a round-up of current stories, research, and events. 


Induced Labor Not Linked to ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) - Medscape

While there was once believed to be a link, a new study finds that there is no relationship between the two, even when other variables are taken into consideration. 


C-sections, Induced Births Decline in US, Study Finds - ABC News 

There is good news when it comes to unnecessary and overused interventions in birth in the United States. The study finds that these changes have come about likely due to a number of different factors. 


13 Birth Photos that Capture the True Connection Between Mom & Baby - The Stir

Amazingly real first moments photos that show the power and beauty of the umbilical cord.


Why Fear of Childbirth Must Be Studied in the US - The Conversation

We know little about how and why women are fearful of childbirth from a research standpoint. The research that does exist primarily comes from other countries. The author shares results from a small focus group on fear in childbirth, accounting for more diversity in population than existing research.  


Rape Victims Suffer 'Flashbacks' During Childbirth - BBC

The BBC shares first-hand stories of women who have experienced flashbacks during birth as a result of the known connection between triggers from sexual trauma and childbirth.  


Runner Sarah Brown - Who Gave Birth Four Months Ago - Competes at the Olympic Trials - People

Read the inspiring and unique story of US olympic hopeful Sarah Brown, who unexpectedly became pregnant a year before beginning to train for the Olympics. She sees her daughter and pregnancy as inspiration for her Olympic aspirations.



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