Best of the Breast Resources on the Net

breastfeeding support.jpgWe would like to share our favorite, most helpful, evidence-based breastfeeding resources for parents. It's easy to find breastfeeding information on the internet -- a LOT of it. It's harder to weed out the good from the bad, which is what we provide for you below! doesn't sound like it has anything to do with breastfeeding, but in fact, it's one of the most widely known and visited sites for breastfeeding tips and help. You can search for a plethora of information on most any topic imaginable pertaining to infant feeding, and every article has links to additional useful resources. All content is evidence-based and reviewed by the site's creator, Kelly Bonyata, mother to three and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). In addition to the huge index of articles on the site, you can also find information on the KellyMom Facebook page, and encouragement and support on the KellyMom Facebook Breastfeeding Support Group.


Stanford School of Medicine Breastfeeding Videos are excellent visual resources for breastfeeding! I recommend you explore the following four videos: Hand Expressing MilkA Perfect LatchMaximizing Milk Production, and Early Initiation of Breastfeeding.  


Ameda Latch On Video is a short six minute video with wonderful animation showing the baby's latch on the breast, including the placement of the nipple in the baby's mouth. It really helps you understand how much tissue needs to go into baby's mouth and how to get a good latch.


This Hunger Cues Video, created by Seattle-based doula and educator Janelle Durham, is a concise and useful video showing baby's hunger cues (with real babies!).  An excellent visual of what you can expect when your baby is hungry.


How to Make Breastfeeding in Public More Comfortable for Mom & Baby, posted on Romper, includes some real-life, useful tips for making it easier to breastfeed on the go (which is one of the wonderful perks about breastfeeding!). 


Newman Breastfeeding Clinic and Institute
This site, created by the well-known breastfeeding expert Dr. Jack Newman, holds a repository of several breastfeeding tip sheets (translated into multiple languages) and video clips on topics like what really good drinking at the breast looks and sounds like, tongue tie, using a lactation aid, breast compression, mastitis and blocked ducts, and breastfeeing myths.


MommyMeds (also available as an app!)

Find reputable information about the interaction between medication and breastfeeding. Created by the leading expert in breastfeeding and medication, Dr. Hale, and the Infant Risk Center of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.


United States Breastfeeding Committee

The non-profit organization that works to drive policy for increased nationwide support for breastfeeding families. The site contains a vast array of information, including current legislation and policies in place, resources for health care and employment as they relate to breastfeeding support, and information on how extended family members can support a breastfeeding mother. This is a great site for you to find legal information on breastfeeding, as well as ways to get involved in policies that affect breastfeeding families. 


Local Breastfeeding Coalitions

Find a link for your state's breastfeeding coalition. Each state's coalition will offer different resources and may include tips and resources for mothers, employers, and information on how to become involved as an advocate.


La Leche League

Find multiple resources for tried-and-true breastfeeding information, links to your local La Leche League group and meeting time information (where you can find support, information, and connection with other breastfeeding moms), and online forums.


International Lactation Consultant Association
Use this site to find a lactation consultant in your area. 


Black Women Do Breastfeed

This Facebook page actively supports and makes visible the community of Black breastfeeding women. You'll find stories, pictures, support, and resources. 


The Leaky Boob

In addition to helpful resources on basic breastfeeding information, you'll also find voices from real families on this blog. Spend a few minutes reading on the site to realize that you're not the alone in the trenches!

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