Top 5 Friday - Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting Reads

newspaper-154444_640.pngTake a look at the following top 5 reads for your Friday. We think our own resources are great, of course, but love sharing other worthy, evidence-based tips and articles, too!


10 Fascinating Facts About Pregnancy, Birth, and the Newborn that May Surprise You! - Science & Sensibility

Do you know the size of a newborn baby's belly or how much squatting opens your pelvis for birth? Find out the answers to those cool facts and more on the Lamaze sister blog!


Answers to Your Kids' Nutrition (And Breastfeeding) Questions - Huffington Post

Do you know how sleuth out nutritious packaged food for your baby? How about what to eat while breastfeeding. Get great tips here!


The Pregnancy Weight You Cannot See - Scary Mommy

A touching, personal story of loss, self confidence, and body love. 


Millennial Dads Are Prioritizing Paternity Leave, 5 Examples of the Benefit in Action - Forbes

Learn more about five companies who are doing it right when it comes to paternity leave, something that millennials are seeking out more deliberately. 


The 3 Essential Ingredients for a Kick-Ass Birth - Kick-Ass-Birth

Some things you might not have considered yet! Plus, each "ingredient" links to full-blown resources on the topic, written by the same author. Great site for confidence in birth!

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