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If you're not using Pinterest on the regular for all things pregnancy, birth, and babies, get thee there ASAP! Seriously, Pinterest is a fantastic resource for so many things related to parenting and children. Plus, the visual layout is super helpful to spot targeted resources quickly and easily. Of course, like with any search engine on the web, you do still have to weed out the good from the bad, the resources that are simply promotions from a company, and those that are written independently. So on the topic of getting better sleep during pregnancy, I've done you a favor and weeded out my top five favorite and most helpful. And when you're done with this list, check out the amazing pins spanning all categories of pregnancy and parenting on the Lamaze Pinterest page.  


Top 5 Pregnancy Sleep Tips on Pinterest


 sleep_mama natural.jpg

If you wanted the "book" on all things sleep and pregnancy, this is pretty darn close! Mama Natural does a good job of providing details on sleep safety (as is a concern for many pregnant women) during pregnancy, as well as common challenges, considerations, and solutions. 



Prenatal yoga is so helpful throughout pregnancy, it would only follow suit that a prenatal yoga routine for bedtime would help you sleep! Of course, don't expect any miracles too large -- you're still going to need to get up and pee (most likely), but this helpful and simple routine from prenatal instructor Marie Berwald at Birth Bliss can help wind down your body and release tension in areas known to ache most during pregnancy. 



While this is not pregnancy specific, it came up in my search on "pregnancy sleep" and I know personally the amazing power of guided meditation! Put this on your phone or in your earbuds and listen effortlessly as you drift off to sleep to this meditation from Pinch Me Living. Of course, you know, after you've adjusted your 8 pillows and peed one last time.  


sleep_life as mama.jpg

Life as Mama does a good job of sharing with us 9 simple ways to sleep better during pregnancy. Pick and choose what works for you or load up on all nine!


sleep_sleep guide.jpg

So yes, this is a sponsored infographic, but it has helpful and easy-to-follow information that's worth checking out! Pregancy pillows, made specifically for positioning comfort, are not essential during pregnancy, but can be very helpful.  


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This was very helpful!

October 18, 2016 08:09 PM by AJ Earley

Thanks for putting this list together :)

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