Quick & Simple Halloween Costumes for Pregnancy

If you've been on Pinterest searching Halloween costume ideas, no doubt you've seen a ton of cute ideas for Halloween costumes during pregnancy. With a week left to go, you'll easily be able to pull off any of the following fun ideas.


Belly paint - A classic that leaves room for so many options! Of course, you will need to have your belly exposed for this one, so keep that in mind. Here is just a small sampling of the most fun and simple ideas on the net:

Pumpkin belly - Perfect for the occasion!

pinterest halloween 1.jpg


Basketball belly - Now you can really show that you "swallowed a basketball!"


pinterest halloween 2.jpg


Poke ball belly - Baby's first Poke stop? So cute and super easy... no artistic skills required! 


pinterest halloween 5.jpg 


Mummy wrap - A pregnant twist on an old classic. Plus, super easy to create!

pinterest halloween 10.jpg


Dr. Seuss inspired - This could also be reimagined if you are carrying twins!

pinterest halloween 9.jpg


Points for being subtly creepy - You almost miss this one, but once you see it, you can't unsee it!

pinterest halloween 3.jpg


Prepping for the holiday season - What a fun way to accentuate the pregnant body!

pinterest halloween 4.jpg


Gumball baby bump - This looks like fun to put together... just don't lose your gumballs! 

pinterest halloween 6.jpg


Udder truth - Oh boy, this one hits too close to postpartum home. But funny! 

pinterest halloween 7.jpg


Baby BUMP - Well, your body is like a construction zone right now! 

pinterest halloween 8.jpg


What will you do with your bump for Halloween?


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