Good Reads Friday - Links Worth Sharing on Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting

newspaper-154444_640.pngFor your Friday, below are recent articles from the collective world-wide voice of parents. These days, your village often includes those you find support and solace in online as well as in person. 


"They Should've Warned Me" (Huffington Post)

This sweet twist on the warnings many parents get during pregnancy is a sentimental read that reminds you that despite warnings of doom and gloom, the best is really yet to come. 


"When Will I Feel Like Myself Again After Having a Baby?" (Huffington Post)

One mom's take -- and advice to fellow "newly minted mom" -- on the inevitable and often shocking transformation that takes place with parenthood. 


"10 Signs You're Not Done Having Babies" (

As someone who also has struggled with this decision (and yes, we did have another and I now feel very done!), I can understand the emotional tug-and-pull. Do any of your "symptoms" fall on this list?


"Can Mental Illness Be Prevented in the Womb?" (NPR)

This article reviews findings from a study published in 2013 as well as ongoing work to determine the effects of the supplement choline on preventing mental illness in children beginning in pregnancy. The results are encouraging, though more work needs to be done. 


"14 Things No One Tells You About Bringing Home a Baby After Your Previous Baby Died" (PALS)

Losing a child brings with it a kind of grief and loss that feels insurmountable. Perhaps most challenging is the emotional swing that occurs when a new baby, born after loss, arrives. If you're preparing for a rainbow baby arrival or are in the thick of new caring for one, this list can help you see that you're not alone in your wide range of emotions.

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