Tips for Handling Stressful and Emotional Events During Pregnancy

WEyYqq0fElyE_Dxr4rgdtoK5weLxlKu2fvjDM8qSoBw.jpgPregnancy lasts nearly 10 months. (Oh, you thought it was 9? Sorry to disappoint.) During that span of time, it's inevitable that you will experience an event or multiple events that will cause emotional distress. For some, today, it may be the presidential election results. For others, it could be the death of a family member or pet, divorce, illness, financial difficulty, or otherwise. So what can be done to aid in the healing and processing of upsetting times? It's not that you need to "fix" the problem, as many stressful happenings cannot be fixed. Allowing yourself to feel sadness and anger is just as important as finding ways to cope and feel better. On the other side of anger and sadness, it helps to take active measures to restore emotional balance.


Seek support, near and far. Support can come in many forms -- on social media, from neighbors, friends, and family members, and of course, and perhaps most helpful in the long term, professional support from therapy, counseling, and psychiatric professionals. 


Find your calming activity. Some people are soothed by meditation (well, actually, most all people can benefit from meditation), others find knitting calming, and still others turn to a good mind-clearing run. Experiment with different activities that make you feel calm (learn more about what "calm" feels like) and when you achieve that feeling, write down a list of go-to activities to turn to when you need them. 


Take time to replenish your energy. It's easy to cover stress up with "busyness." Unfortunately, doing so does little to help you move forward. Purposefully take time out for yourself, even if it's something as simple as a warm bath.  


Seek advice. Maybe you feel stuck where you are and don't know how or what to do to take the next step. Consult with someone who's been in your shoes, or perhaps an expert who knows more about the situation you're going through. Even finding a good self-help book at your local library or bookstore can help spawn new ideas for handling your emotions and situation. 

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August 31, 2017 04:49 PM by Becca Holton

It's so true that support can come in many forms. I think it just comes down to knowing what works for you. I've heard that doulas can be good at providing emotional support. 

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