Worthy Reads on Prematurity, Preemies, NICU and More

peanutbook.jpgFor your Friday, and to wrap up this week on prematurity awareness resources, check out the following posts and articles that provide heartwarming stories and practical tips. 


Adorable Preemie Clothes Made & Donated to Babies in NICU

Read about one mom's story and mission to make and donate adorable preemie clothes to mothers around the world. The outfits are cute, but the generosity and hope is inspiring.


Look But Don't Touch - Life After Neonatal Care

What's life like after leaving the NICU with your premature baby? Parents of preemies often deal with an extra layer of fear and protection needed after coming home with baby. This mom shares her own story and helpful suggestions for other parents when going out in public. 


Tips for Getting Through the Days in the NICU From a Dad Who’s Done It

Learn how one dad used the power of connection during his four month stint in the NICU with his son. This post offers a helpful list for other parents experiencing or about to experience a NICU stay. 

Prematurity in 2016: Concern, Hope, and the Landscape of Unknowns

If you want to know more about where we are and where we're headed with the state of prematurity, check out this fact-filled post from our sister blog, Science & Sensibility


5 Things That May Help Your Process Your Baby's Premature Birth

A premature birth can be a hard experience to process. This author shares with us a great list for parents to begin to understand and cope with their experience. 


How Something I'd Never Heard of Changed My Life

This mom's personal essay about her experience with premature birth explores the moment when the unknown and unexpected becomes reality.


Children's Books About Prematurity

How do you talk to other children about a premature birth? Books are a great place to start and educate. This list shares seven reviewed books perfect for sharing with siblings and young family members. 


Mummy Concerns

November 30, 2016 10:47 AM by Shobita (www.parenthood.guide)

Hey, thanks for this Article. I'm about 6 months pregnant now, and one of my friends recently gave birth 3 months early! Ever since, I've been freaked out about the possibility of it happening to me and how I would handle it if it did. Just because I wouldn't be prepared physically or emotionally. Any advice on how to get through the initial days were this to happen??


December 9, 2016 09:39 AM by Cara Terreri, LCCE, CD(DONA)

Check out the second link in this article for some helpful tips on getting through the first few days. 

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