Pregnancy and "The Weekend" - How to Make Good Use of those Two Golden Days

coffee.jpgFor many, the weekends are all about getting together with friends, catching up on household to-dos, and sleeping in. But what about if you're pregnant? Of course, those things will likely still be on your list, but let's take a look at the other helpful things you can do during the weekend if you're expecting. 


Catch up on sleep... of course "catching up" is a myth, but you can take the extra time to sleep in, nap, and go to bed early. Yes, it may not wild adventure of your pre-pregnancy days, but your mind and body will thank you!


Wear comfy clothes... With professional maternity clothes, it seems like you're constantly hiking up or pulling down on something. Come the weekend, if you want to spend your days wrapped it a bedsheet, absolutely no one can tell you not to!


Take a childbirth class... There are childbirth class series that meet in the evenings during the week, but there are also several that take place during the weekend. The bonus about a weekend class is that you have the chance to go into class more rested.


Meal prep for your week ahead... Spend your Sunday afternoon prepping quick and healthy meals for the week. Your weekday self will appreciate it and you won't end up at the nearest fast food joint during lunch time. Check out Pinterest for meal planning/prep ideas.


Spend time with those you love... The weekdays are often rushed and busy, but during the weekend, you can actually schedule quality time with those you love. Don't wait for it to happen -- take advantage of the time and make it happen. 


Get your ducks in a row... Feeling stressed and anxious about baby's arrival? Take the extra weekend breathing room to knock off pre-baby to-dos. Be sure to write out your list and track progress to see exactly how far you've come and what's left. Then, take heart in knowing that one of the hallmarks of parenting is not being able to "do it all."


Take a prenatal exercise class... If the week feels too full for you to get in a yoga, swimming, or other similar exercise class, use your weekend to do it! 


We want to hear: what kinds of things do you look forward to on the weekend during your pregnancy?

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